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… that’s why motorcycles are sold more in India, Anand Mahindra said ‘Dil Ki Baat’

New Delhi.
Viral Photo Of Moped Rider Shared By Anand Mahindra:
Most two-wheelers, i.e. bikes, scooters and mopeds are sold in India. Now people want to know that what is the reason behind selling more motorcycles after all? There are many answers to this that it is cheaper than a car, can be easily taken anywhere, does not take up much space for parking. But apart from these, businessman Anand Mahindra has told through a recent tweet that after all, why is India the largest manufacturing hub of two-wheelers as well as the largest two-wheeler country?

Anand Mahindra was convinced of this jugaad
Anand Mahindra has shared a funny picture, in which a man is also sitting on his moped with his wife along with a lot of mats and chairs on that moped. This man has put so many things on his moped that people can’t even imagine. So much stuff will come in a cargo three-wheeler and the guy has made the moped itself a cargo vehicle. With this photo, Anand Mahindra has given the caption, ‘Now you must have come to know why most two-wheelers are produced in India. We know how to properly use inch by inch even on small two-wheelers or other vehicles.

Amazing this guy…
When you see this picture, your eyes will be fixed on it and you will not believe that it can really happen. This man has loaded a lot of mats on the moped and has his wife sit on top of it. The man himself is in the driving seat and 40-50 chairs have also been loaded at the rear. Indeed this jugaad can be seen only in India. By sharing this photo in a funny tone, Anand Mahindra has told many people about the new jugaad that if you want, you can convert your motorcycle or scooter into a small cargo vehicle.


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