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Tesla’s troubles increased for the safety of electric cars, now US senators sought answers

Two US senators wrote to Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday about their concerns about the company’s Autopilot and full self-driving (beta) systems. Let us inform that in recent times, the company had recalled millions of its electric cars after reports of some problems in Tesla cars.

news agency Reuters Report As noted, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Ed Markey wrote, “We are deeply troubled by Tesla’s design choices that encourage unsafe driving habits.” Both senators have criticized Tesla’s decision to rollout a full self-driving (beta) system, which allows vehicles to cross stop signs at low speeds.

Let us tell you, recently this feature of the company came under the scrutiny of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), after which last week the company decided to recall its 54,000 electric cars. The company had told that changes will be made in the software of these vehicles, after which these vehicles will not ignore the stop sign.

Reports suggest that Tesla is testing an advanced version of its automated driving software on the public road, but the carmaker and NHTSA say the feature does not make cars autonomous.

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The senators say that “these complaints and investigations paint a troubling picture: Tesla repeatedly releases software, without fully considering their risks, thereby posing serious dangers to everyone on the roads.” go.” The two have asked Musk by February 22 to answer several of his questions regarding design and programming decisions.

Tesla has been a victim of complaints for some time now. The report further states that in November, Tesla recalled about 12,000 electric vehicles it sold after 2017. The decision was taken for a software update to fix a communication error in the cars. Due to this problem, there were complaints of incorrect forward-collagen warning or emergency braking in the vehicles.

What’s more, NHTSA last month asked Tesla for additional information about the company’s decision in an investigation into 580,000 vehicles allowing passengers to play games on the front touch screen in a moving car.


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