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Tesla’s new facility in China will allow the company to produce 2 million electric vehicles a year

Designed to produce up to 450,000 electric vehicles a year, the Tesla plant in Shanghai is now the largest exporter of these products, but rumors have long attributed to the company the further development of this site. According to the latest data, the second Tesla plant in Shanghai will ultimately allow the company to produce 2 million electric vehicles a year in China.

The Reuters agency added relevance to the topic , which announced plans to expand Tesla production in China, citing its own informed sources. Work on the construction of the new facility in Shanghai could begin as early as next month and will be located in close proximity to the existing one. If this site manages to reach its design capacity of 2 million electric vehicles per year, then Tesla could become the largest foreign automaker in China.

For comparison, Toyota Motor produced 1.6 million vehicles in the country in 2021, General Motors, together with SAIC, produced 1.4 million vehicles, and Volkswagen only expects to produce one million electric vehicles in China by the end of 2023. At present, there is no data on how long Tesla is going to implement the project to expand its facility in Shanghai, and how much it will cost.

Tesla aims to produce at least 1 million electric vehicles this year, but the main problem on the way to this goal is the lack of components. In addition, enterprises in Berlin and Texas, although formally started small-scale production of electric vehicles, have not yet received all the necessary approvals for their shipment to customers.

In the coming months, Tesla expects to increase the production of electric vehicles at its existing facility in China to 22,000 units per week. This would already be enough to reach the annual production of 1.1 million electric vehicles by a single enterprise. Of the 936,000 electric vehicles produced by Tesla last year, about half were assembled in China.

source: Reuters



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