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Tesla’s electric cars will now be made in India? Elon Musk said a big thing, know

Elon Musk’s car company Tesla has been searching for the market in India for a long time. The company wanted the government to reduce the import duty on cars, which is up to 100 per cent. The government wants Tesla to make its cars in India. Wasn’t able to talk in this tug of war. Now it is being said that Tesla can manufacture its cars in India. Recently a team from Tesla had come to India. A few days after this visit, Elon Musk indicated that India could be an interesting contender for setting up a new Tesla factory.

In an interview to the Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk said that by the end of this year, Tesla will choose a place to set up a new factory. He said that India could be an interesting proposition for such expansion. Which would be the most exciting country for a Tesla plant right now? Musk said that by the end of this year we will choose a place. Will India be an ‘interesting’ contender? He said, ‘Exactly.’

recently News It was learned that Tesla has proposed to set up a plant to make electric cars in India. Electric cars will not only be sold in the country from this plant, cars can also be exported. Citing sources, Reuters had told that Tesla’s senior executives have proposed central government officials to set up plants in the country. The government had asked the company to manufacture its vehicles in the country, but Tesla wanted to know the market first. Because of this, both the sides could not reach any conclusion. It is now learned that the company has given a proposal to the officials to set up a factory in India.

Tesla may also launch full self-drive technology this year. This is likely to increase Tesla’s profits. The company had done market research about 2 years ago to launch its cars in India. But due to non-receipt of concession from the government, the company could not take forward its plans. Tesla wanted its cars to be sold in India, but not yet manufactured here. The government wants the company to manufacture cars in India only. Tesla is now turning positive on this trend. If Tesla cars are manufactured in India, then obviously it will give a boost to the country’s economy.


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