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Tesla’s electric cars top this list of top 10 most searched EVs

The demand for electric cars is increasing not only in India but also in countries across the world. While on the one hand, almost a decade ago, we did not even think of seeing electric cars running on the road, but today the interest in electric vehicles is increasing among the people. With that in mind, Lease Fetcher has gathered Google Search volume data on Electric Vehicles (EVs) from 168 countries, and found out which electric cars were the most searched around the world in the past year. . The study includes the top 10 list of upcoming electric cars along with existing electric cars.

Lease Fetcher of this Study It has been learned that the Tesla Model 3 has been the most searched on Google in the year 2021. Topping the list, the electric car has received 25,440,000 searches annually, with 2,120,000 average monthly searches.

Next, the Tesla Model Y came second with 14,160,000 Google searches per year. Certainly Tesla has got a lot of love from the people in the year 2021. The reason for this is to get the best features and tremendous range at a low price. Tesla’s electric cars are also touted for the company’s Autopilot Mode feature, which is an autonomous driving mode.

The list doesn’t end here for Tesla. While the recently launched Porsche Taycan electric car with 13,080,000 annual searches took the third place, the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X with 12,600,000 annual searches and 11,220,000 annual searches stood at the fourth and fifth position respectively. In this way, a total of four electric cars in this list of top 10 belong to the Tesla company of Elon Musk, the world’s richest person.

It is followed by Audi E Tron (9,936,000 searches annually), Polestar 2 (7,176,000 searches annually), Audi E Tron GT (6,876,000 searches annually), KIA EV6 (5,940,000 searches annually), and Ford Mustang Mach-e (5,688,000 searches annually). Most searched electric cars in 2021 on Google were part of the top 10 list of electric cars.

Not only this, the study has also found out which upcoming electric vehicles got the most searches on Google. This top 10 list was also led by Tesla’s car. The Tesla Roadster electric car has been ranked first in Lease Fetcher’s Top 10 Most Anticipated EVs by Global Search Volume list. Globally, it has been searched 8,532,000 annually in 2021, and an average of 711,000 times per month.

Tesla Cybertruck has got the second place in this list. This upcoming electric pickup truck of the company was searched 7,296,000 times annually. At the same time, Apple Car took the third position with 5,880,000 searches per year, BMW i4 fourth with 4,428,000 searches, and Chevy Silverado with 3,096,000 searches annually.
In this list of Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars, Cadillac Lyriq, Nissan Ariya, Ford F150 Lightning, Rimac Nevera, and Mercedes EQE have made their place respectively.

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