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Tesla’s contribution to growing EVs in America is finally acknowledged by President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has acknowledged Tesla’s contribution to electric vehicle manufacturing. Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has repeatedly complained that his company’s contributions are being ignored. He also opposed government funding to subsidize charging stations for electric vehicles.

Biden said, “From old companies like General Motors and Ford to Tesla, the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in our country, contribute to innovation.” Along with this, he said that after decades, manufacturing is returning to America. He has expressed his intention to give an additional tax incentive of $ 4,500 (about Rs 3.4 lakh) to automobile companies having unionized employees for making electric vehicles in the US. This will hurt Tesla and Toyota as there is no union of employees of these companies in the US.

last month Biden had a meeting with the Chief Executive of General Motors, Mary Barra. The US government has also praised General Motors’ efforts to promote electric vehicles. although, Tesla In comparison, the number of EVs sold by General Motors is quite less. Musk expressed displeasure over this meeting. Musk said last year that labor unions appear to have control over Biden’s electric vehicle policy. Earlier, Musk had criticized Biden for not being invited to an event at the White House.

“He never mentioned Tesla and praised General Motors and Ford for their contributions to the EV. Doesn’t that seem biased? Unions control this administration,” Musk said in a statement. When asked about Musk not being invited to the event, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “You can draw your own conclusions about that.” To a question about Biden’s mention of Tesla on Tuesday, Psaki said, “We all know that Tesla is a big company in electric vehicles.” He said that there is a huge opportunity for America in this segment.

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