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Tesla’s cheapest electric car is coming, it will be difficult for China

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Tesla’s cheapest electric car is coming, the price will be less than Fortuner

Tesla Cheapest Electric Car: Tesla is preparing to launch its cheapest electric car. It has been named Redwood. According to reports, this car can be launched next year i.e. 2025. Its production is expected to start in June 2025, while its delivery is expected after a few months. Actually, Elon Musk wants to bring budget friendly electric cars and self-driving robo taxis, which are not too expensive.

According to reports Tesla Redwood is planning to produce 10,000 units of electric cars every week. These electric cars can be built on NV9X architecture. The company will launch at least two new cars on this. These electric cars will be made in Tesla’s Burlingame company.

Price of Tesla’s cheapest electric car?

This will be Tesla’s entry level EV. Its price can be 25 thousand dollars (about 21 lakh rupees). That means this car will be cheaper than Fortuner. In such a situation, this car can give tough competition to petrol and diesel cars also. Tesla’s affordable electric cars will compete with the electric cars of Chinese company BYD.

Will Tesla’s electric cars come to India?

The matter regarding Tesla’s entry in India is still pending. Tesla wants the Indian government to reduce the import duty on the company’s cars. Tesla will import and sell its cars in India. Due to this, Tesla cars will become expensive in India. The Indian government demands that Tesla should manufacture cars in India only. At present the whole matter is stuck here.

Let us tell you that Tesla Model 3 is the company’s best selling electric car. Once fully charged, it can run up to 535 kilometers. It has also got 5 star safety rating in car crash test. By charging it for just 15 minutes, it can be driven up to 236 kilometers.

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