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Tesla will open Supercharger stations in the US for everyone, including to receive money from the state

Tesla wants as many electric vehicle owners as possible to use Supercharger charging stations. And now the company has an additional incentive to implement this idea.

The bottom line is that the US has recently committed billions of dollars in funding for EV charging infrastructure, but charging stations must be open to EVs from more than one manufacturer to access the funding. Therefore, Tesla can only qualify for government subsidies if its charging stations are available to everyone.

The company some time ago already announced such an initiative, but so far it is being gradually implemented only in Europe. The fact is that in Europe Supercharger stations use the CCS connector, which is used by many other automakers, that is, technically Tesla does not need to do anything anymore. But in North America, Tesla stations use a proprietary connector, that is, you need at least an adapter. Musk has previously said that such connectors will be placed directly at the stations.

Apparently, the project should be completed before the end of the year, but Tesla has already applied for funding.

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