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Tesla recommends using the WD-40 in winter: the official video tutorial

There are currently two types of hidden door handles on the market. The first type is common with luxury brands such as Land Rover. When the car key is nearby, the handle automatically extends. The second type is used in cars from Tesla, BYD and other brands. You need to push one end of the doorknob and then pull it to open the door.

These handles have a more modern look and can also reduce wind resistance and energy consumption to a certain extent. Although the concealed doorknob has several advantages over traditional handles, it can freeze after freezing rain, heavy snowfall, and so on. In this case, you will have to make a lot of effort to get into the car.

Describing the situation, Tesla specifically added a manual for door maintenance in cold weather to its website, and also posted a visual video.

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So, you need to open the doorknob and fix it in this position with a folded towel. Then you need to use WD-40, as shown in the video, after protecting your eyes. After the procedure, you must open and close the handle 10 times. Similar actions need to be done with the other three doors.


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