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Tesla plans to ship Model Y electric vehicles from Austin plant by the end of the quarter

Referring to its own informants, the source claims that Tesla intends to ship the first Model Y electric vehicles from the gigafactory in Austin, Texas by the end of this quarter. This will be an important milestone for Tesla’s new factory.

Tesla is said to be currently producing test batches in an effort to get a small number of Model Y ready for shipping to customers.

It is expected that the machines will be shipped at the end of March. This is a few months behind schedule, but the company plans to ramp up production quickly in the second half of the year. According to one leaker, Tesla has expanded its recruitment in Austin, which is usually a sign that the company is gearing up for an increase in production.

The start of Model Y production at the Texas plant is not only critical to the company’s growth, but also marks the launch of a new version of the electric SUV with a 4680 cell battery. However, due to a shortage of 4680 cells, the company may first produce cars with 2170 batteries until supply issues are resolved.

It is not yet known how Tesla Model Y buyers will be able to distinguish electric vehicles from the Fremont plant from electric vehicles of the new version from the Austin plant.


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