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Tesla on autopilot drove into a plane for $3.5 million

A video appeared on the expanses of the Reddit social network, once again demonstrating the unavailability of automatic driving systems in cars to completely do without a driver behind the wheel. This time there were no casualties, if you do not take into account a private jet worth several million dollars.

According to the author , the incident took place in Spokane, Washington, at an event organized by the Cirrus aircraft manufacturer. A Tesla Model Y electric car, which at low speed drove into a stationary Cirrus Vision Jet business class aircraft, got into the surveillance camera lens. It is indicated that this model costs $ 3,500,000. The scale of damage is not specified, but, judging by the video, nothing critical happened. The car only turned the plane 90 degrees.

According to preliminary data, the electric car was moving offline, as the owner used the Smart Summon function, which allows him to “call” a parked car to his location. And although Tesla on its website indicates that the option is still in beta, it is completely unclear how the numerous cameras and intelligent algorithms of the car did not see such a big obstacle as a stationary plane in the way.

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