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Tesla Model X and Model S stripped of one of the free ways to unlock

Western media reported that the new Tesla Model X and Model S models began to come to customers without key fobs. This applies to all vehicles that are shipped from July 1, 2022. It is noted that the user now has only two “free” ways to unlock the car – using a mobile application or a card key. The keychain will have to be purchased separately.

In an internal letter, the company’s management claims that most drivers prefer a card or a smartphone with an application, rather than a key fob. However, it is not yet clear whether there have been surveys on this topic.

At the same time, Tesla owners can buy a keychain – the issue price is $ 175. At the same time, the company has not yet named the official reason for the refusal.

Note that the Model 3 was originally also supplied without a key fob, but then it went on sale for $150. Elon Musk admitted at one time that the decision to abandon the key fob was unsuccessful.

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