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Tesla Model S electric car caught fire while running on the highway, 27 thousand liters of water was used to extinguish it

Incidents of fire in electric vehicles are becoming common. Many such incidents have been reported in India as well and now it seems that even the legendary electric mobility company Tesla has not remained untouched by this. A speeding Tesla Model S electric car caught fire in Sacramento, California. Firefighters had to struggle hard to control the fire.

The Metropolitan Fire Department has given full details of the incident via Twitter (Via gizmochina) is given. 6000 gallons of water were required to bring the flames under control. At present, the cause of the fire in the Tesla Model S electric car has not been known, but the good thing is that no casualties have been reported in this incident.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department was following specific instructions given by Tesla to deal with the battery fire. However, he had to face great difficulties in extinguishing the fire at the battery, as it kept re-igniting after some time interval.

Even in December last year regarding Tesla Model S an incident A case came to light where a Model S electric car owner claimed that his car would not charge when it got cold. A Tesla Model S owner shared a video on the short video sharing platform TikTok, in which he claims that his electric car was unable to charge in the cold.

He charged the first EV at home, but it didn’t charge the car. After this he took this car to Tesla’s supercharger station, where he connected his car to the charger again, but here also his car was not charged. The outside temperature at the time of the incident was around -7 °C.


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