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Tesla Model S drove an incredible 1.5 million km

German car owner Hansjörg von Gemmingen left proof on his Twitter page a few hours ago that his Tesla Model S had covered 1.5 million kilometers. In this case, the photo was taken in motion at a speed of 93 km / h.

Hansjörg von Gemmingen says he bought a used Tesla Model S in 2014. The range of the Model S P85 is approximately 500 km. At the time of purchase, the vehicle’s mileage was only 30,000 km. But over the past 7 years, the new owner has been able to set an absolute record.

Just before the record …

In November 2019, he reported that he had exchanged 1 million kilometers. It took him a little more than two years to travel the next 500 thousand kilometers. The owner confirmed that he changed the battery three times, the electric motor four times, the 12-volt battery twice, and the rear shock absorber, front axle and touchscreen were also changed once.

The first battery lasted 290,000 kilometers, the second lasted 250,000 kilometers, the third battery lasted 460,000 kilometers, and the current remaining battery capacity is still 86%.

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In addition, the last maintenance was on 900,000 km. The car is still under warranty and the actual cost of service is 13,000 euros.

Tesla Model S drove an incredible 1.5 million km

It is worth noting that Hansjrg Gemmingen also has a Tesla Roadster sports car with a range of over 630,000 kilometers.


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