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Tesla Model 3 terrible accident: one person was killed, 20 were injured. G7 Taxi Suspends Tesla Model 3 Usage

France’s largest taxi service, G7 Taxi, has suspended 37 Tesla Model 3 vehicles after one of them was involved in a fatal accident over the weekend. One person was killed and another 20 were injured after the driver lost control. A G7 Taxi spokesman said the driver tried to brake, but instead the car accelerated. It is not known if the vehicle was in autopilot mode.

Tesla has denied having any technical problems with the self-driving vehicle. The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into charges of manslaughter and bodily harm. French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbary also said Wednesday that there is no evidence at this stage that the accident was related to a technical problem.

It is reported that a taxi driver on duty who was taking his family to a restaurant was involved in the accident. The French media reported that the car ran into a cyclist and three pedestrians before crashing into the van, and several people were seriously injured.

Tesla’s autopilot allows the car to automatically steer, accelerate, and brake. But the company is accused of being misleading because technology cannot predict everything and drivers must remain in control and alert at all times. Tesla recently released a beta version of a “complete self-driving” system that is being tested by various users. Many people abuse the drone, for example, moving into the back seat or, as we reported in a previous post, putting dogs in the driver’s seat.

Earlier this year, U.S. authorities began a formal investigation into the autopilot system following 11 Tesla crashes since 2018.


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