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Tesla is not embarrassed by the lack of doors and trunk lids. The blogger conducted an interesting experiment

Automotive blogger B is for Build decided to see how many components he could remove from his Tesla before the computer would stop the car from being driven any further.

We are talking about the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which he bought a few months ago for $ 34,000 with delivery. In fact, he bought several flooded Teslas totaling $60,000, with the Model 3 being the only one that could propel itself.

Bloggers like the speed of the car, so he decided to see how much he could reduce the mass of the car in order to make it as fast as possible. The first step was to remove the lining of the trunk, and not only the lid, but the entire cargo compartment. Also removed the front and rear trunk lids.

Doors were next. He started from the back. After making sure that the car was still moving without rear doors, he moved on to the front ones. The car still continues to drive.

According to Carscoops, the blogger managed to reduce the weight of the car by 230 to 320 kg. In the future, he plans to remove the seats.


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