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Tesla in-flight entertainment system will allow you to run games from the Steam catalog

Last summer, it became known that AMD discrete graphics solutions with RDNA 2 architecture would be registered inside the multimedia system of Tesla electric vehicles, and after updating the Model X and Model S, it became clear that now it can compete with the same Sony PlayStation 5 in terms of performance. Now Elon Musk aims to make it possible to run all games from the Steam catalog on Tesla electric vehicles.

According to tradition, the head of Tesla made the corresponding statement on Twitter, as Electrek explains . According to him, it is important for the company to ensure that any games from the Steam catalog can be run on the on-board system of their electric vehicles, and not selective titles. At the same time, it is emphasized that the path to the implementation of this solution will not be short. Musk is also determined to make Cyberpunk available to owners of Cybertruck electric pickups, also to run on stock multimedia systems.

We emphasize that only Model S and Model X electric vehicles, which are the most expensive Tesla offered, are currently equipped with discrete graphics of the RDNA 2 level. The mainstream Model 3 and Model Y don’t have AMD’s Navi 23 discrete GPU, but they’ve recently migrated to AMD Ryzen Embedded processors, significantly speeding up the underlying interface.

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The specificity of the Model S and Model X on-board system is the presence of two touch displays: one is located on the center console, and the second is moved to the back of the armrest box located between the front seats. Both displays allow you to run games, including using wireless controllers. According to Elon Musk, the relevance of gaming inside Tesla electric vehicles will grow as the process of controlling the car is automated. The company’s enthusiasm to implement this feature was somewhat premature, as in the current environment it was forced to block access to games while on the move in accordance with the requirements of the authorities.

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