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Tesla finally allowed to start production at a factory near Berlin

US electric car maker Tesla has received approval to start series production at its European plant near Berlin. Initially, the company planned to start producing electric vehicles at a German plant last summer, but due to the coronavirus pandemic and protests by environmental activists, the launch date for the enterprise was repeatedly shifted.

Now it has become known that local authorities have finally approved the commissioning of the Tesla plant, which will be able to produce up to 500 thousand electric vehicles a year. It is noteworthy that despite the approval received, Tesla will not be able to start production immediately, because before the start of the assembly line, the local industry regulator must ensure that the plant complies with the requirements for air emissions and water use in production. In addition, at this stage, public organizations interested in this can challenge the permit for the production of electric vehicles.

The source notes that Tesla’s German plant plays an important role in the company’s plans to expand its presence in the markets of the countries of the European region. Earlier, Tesla launched a plant in Shanghai to increase global deliveries. It is also expected that the manufacturer’s plant in Texas will soon begin to operate. Tesla’s plans to build a factory in Germany were first announced in 2019.

In the process of settling issues related to the launch of the German plant, Tesla had to make concessions in a dispute with environmental activists, agreeing to reduce the water consumption at the plant by more than a third. Environmentalists are expected to file a new complaint this week based on the fact that the automaker’s plant will consume enough water to meet the needs of a city of 30,000 people. If their complaint is upheld, Tesla could face new obstacles to launching electric vehicle production in Germany.

source: CNBC





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