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Tesla electric car does not charge in the cold! This person shared the video

Tesla’s electric cars are popular for many such special features, including their autopilot system, which you do not get to see in most cars. However, many such videos are also seen in the internet, in which some of their flaws are also revealed. One such video is going viral these days, in which a Tesla Model S electric car owner has claimed that the Tesla car has problems charging when it gets cold.

The Tesla Model S owner posted a video on the short video sharing platform TikTok. Video shared, in which he claimed that his electric car was unable to charge in the cold. It is reported that earlier he charged the EV at home, but it did not charge the car.

Electrek’s accordingDomenick Nati, electric car owner, is a radio host in America. It is seen in the video that Nati drives this car Tesla Of supercharger station Took it to where he reconnected his car to the charger. However, here too a message appeared in the display saying that the car is first warming up the battery pack for charging. According to reports, the temperature at that time was around -7 degree Celsius.

The Model S electric car was showing the same message even after leaving it on charging for a full hour. In the caption of the Tiktok video, Nati wrote, “‘Tesla S will not charge in the cold. Stuck on Christmas Eve!”

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The car owner claims that he has also contacted Tesla regarding the issue, but has not received a response from the company.


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