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Tesla Cybertruck turned into a real all-terrain vehicle [VIDEO]

Although the Tesla Cybertruck is considered an SUV, due to its heavy weight it can only travel far from everywhere, and the Internet is filled with videos of the electric car getting stuck in the snow . Three mechanics from the reality show Sparks Motors decided to correct this deficiency by equipping the car with tracks instead of regular wheels. It turned out impressive.

The video  shows how, instead of the usual wheels, the Cybertruck has tracked, triangular-shaped ones. In addition, they are much wider and add a few extra centimeters of ground clearance to the car, which allows it to easily move and maneuver off-road. The upgraded version of the mechanics was nicknamed CyberTrax.

It is noted that to install the tracks, auto mechanics had to strengthen the Cybertruck suspension system with a special support structure. This was necessary because the most powerful version of the car weighs approximately 3100 kg. But problems still arose during testing of the SUV.

The Cybertruck’s steering left much to be desired, and at one point the rear steering linkage broke in half. It is reported that the issue was finally resolved, and not without the help of Tesla.


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