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Tesla crash rate is only 1/9 of the US average

Tesla has released its Q4 2021 “Vehicle Safety Report” that collects vehicle data and investigates accident rates under various assisted driving conditions.

Since 2018, Tesla has been publishing a Vehicle Safety Report every quarter that compares crash rates with and without Autopilot. A new report shows that car owners who use Autopilot have an average accident every 4.31 million miles, while owners of cars that do not use Autopilot but have an active safety system have an average accident every 1.59 million miles. .

Previously, data for the first quarter of 2021 showed that car owners who did not use autopilot and active safety had an accident every 978,000 miles on average. In the United States, a car accident occurred every 484,000 miles.

Tesla’s average crash rate with autopilot and active safety systems on is 1/9 of the US average. Tesla vehicles have the lowest average accident rate.

Yes, the inclusion of autopilot and active safety features improves driving safety. However, Tesla reminds that during use, the driver himself must also pay attention to road conditions in real time and be ready to take control.

As we have already reported, about every 30 seconds, a new electric car rolls off the assembly line at the Tesla factory. Moreover, Tesla “deceived” buyers, and Tesla Model S Plaid turned out to be even more powerful.

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