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Tesla can now produce its own headphones and speakers

Tesla now has the ability to sell audio equipment under its own brand. The automaker filed for a trademark in the new category two weeks ago.

Tesla has applied to use the “Tesla” and “T” trademarks. The category covers microphones, headphones, digital audio players, sound transmitters, speakers, subwoofers, ear pads, audio interfaces, equalizers, and so on.

It is important to note that companies sometimes apply for trademarks that they end up not using. For one reason, Tesla designs its own speaker for its vehicles and labels them with its own brand and logo. Or Tesla may actually be designing its own headphones.

In recent years, Tesla has paid special attention to the sound system of its vehicles. The sound system in the Model 3 has been well received by audiophiles, and the sound system in the new version of the Model S also received positive reviews. It has been compared to the expensive Bang & Olufsen system often used in premium cars. At the same time, Elon Musk commented on this comparison: “Tesla audio engineers came from B&O and many other companies. Our system is well programmed, so we continue to improve it with updates.”

More recently, Tesla has also hired several engineers from Jawbone and Amazon Lab126, where they are developing the Echo speakers.

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