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Tesla accused of exaggerating the mileage of electric cars, investigation begins

Car maker Tesla is facing a challenge in South Korea. South Korea’s antitrust regulator is investigating the US electric car company, a Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) official said on Tuesday. It remains to be seen whether the company has exaggerated the specifications of its battery. Yonhap news agency has reported that KFTC had sent a report to the electric vehicle (EV) maker. It said it had inflated the mileage of some of its models, including the Model 3, in violation of the Fair Labeling and Advertising Act.

A KFTC official told Reuters news agency that we are planning to hold a meeting soon to determine the level of sanctions against the automaker. On its website, Tesla states that its Model 3 can cover a range of 528 kilometers (328 miles) on a single charge. But KFTC says that if the temperature drops below the freezing point, then this limit can be lower than this.

Analysts also say that the driving range of most electric vehicles may be affected in cold weather. Tesla did not immediately comment on the matter.

The electric car maker has recently recalled about 5 lakh 79 thousand vehicles in the US. The reason for this is the boombox function, which can cause problems for pedestrians. According to data from the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the boombox function present in Tesla’s cars and SUVs violates safety standards. They make less noise while the car is moving, which can cause problems for pedestrians. Tesla has recalled its cars for the fourth time in two weeks since US safety regulators increased their investigation.

Tesla wants to start selling its cars in India too, but the final agreement between the Indian government and the company has not been reached. People with knowledge of this matter have told that there is a standoff between Tesla and India over the possible tax benefits, because the government wants from Tesla the commitment of manufacturing at the local level. Without this, she does not want to pay any tax benefit. Tesla is desperate to import and sell its electric vehicles in India. For almost a year now, the company has been lobbying the authorities in New Delhi. The company wants to reduce the import duty on vehicles, which the company’s billionaire CEO Elon Musk has told the most in the world.

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