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Terrible rock moving fast towards the earth at a speed of 92,115 kmph

Asteroid 2022: Our space is full of celestial bodies, only a few of which can be discovered and are visible to us. Asteroids are one of these mysterious objects. Most of them can be found orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter within the Main Asteroid Belt. Although they are found millions of light years away, some are ejected from their orbits and come close to Earth. Now, NASA has warned that a surprising asteroid is coming close to Earth. Let us know how they do this work? NASA monitors these asteroids by studying data gathered by several telescopes such as Pan-STARRS, the Catalina Sky Survey and the NEOWISE telescope.

Asteroid 2022 WG1 details

NASA has issued an alert regarding an asteroid named Asteroid 2022 WG1, which is moving directly towards the Earth today i.e. on 22 November. According to NASA, this asteroid coming at a high speed will be seen very close to the earth today. It will be just 1.7 million kilometers from Earth at its closest approach.

NASA: Big rock moving fast towards Earth, scientists in worry


While its coming so close is a matter of concern, there is another thing that has come to light about it. In NASA, it has been seen at a speed of 92,115 kilometers per hour, which is almost 6 times more than the speed of a hypersonic ballistic missile! Generally asteroids do not come fast like this. About which there is concern.

How does NASA know

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office monitors these Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) for any collisions with Earth and declares them as hazardous objects if they come within about 8 million kilometers of Earth. According to NASA, Asteroid 2022 WG1 belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids.

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