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Tension of gone toll! The feature of Google Maps will save you full money, travel will be toll free, see details

New Delhi: Nowadays many tasks are completed with the help of apps. Many apps are now available to help you get things done in a hurry and at a critical time. Google Maps This is an app that most people use. In addition to providing information on low traffic roads, this app also comes with a number of interesting features. Now the experience of using Google Maps will be better and more convenient and there will be a feature on this app. This will result in huge savings for toll payers. Learn exactly how this feature will work, and how it will save you money.

New Google Maps Features:

Google is bringing a new feature to its navigation app, Google Maps in a few more countries, including India. Which will save you a lot of money. This feature is being offered to Google Maps users in India, USA, Japan and Indonesia. With the help of which users can avoid road tolls and save their money.

How will this feature work?

In this new update, Google Maps users will be able to predict Toll Estimate for the entire trip. Estimate will be given by the app before the trip starts. With this new feature covering nearly two thousand tolls, Google Maps will give you information on Toll Estimates from local tolling authorities. After that you can choose the route which has the lowest toll cost.

Here’s how to save a toll:

If you are wondering how this feature will save you toll money. So, Google Maps Toll Estimates will also suggest you ways that are not Toll Roads. If you want, when looking for a route, you can go to settings and choose only the route that has no toll. That way, you’ll only be given options for routes where you don’t have to spend money on tolls. This new feature of Google Maps will be released for both Android and iOS users and will be rolled out by this month.

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