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Ten options for convenient storage of QR codes

In Russia, in some cities, it is now impossible to get into a cinema, museum or shopping center without a QR code. Therefore, TJ presented ten options that will make it easier to carry this QR code with you. In this case, you must not forget to take with you and identity documents: for example, a passport.

  1. “State services”… It is in this application that your QR code is stored. As soon as you enter your username and password and enter the application, on the main page you will see a banner with the words “Certificates and QR Codes”. You need to click on it, and your QR code will open.
  1. “State services STOP Coronavirus”… This is the Minnigits app. To enter it, you will also need a password and login from your account on “State Services”. On the main page, you will automatically also see the QR code of the vaccination certificate. Conveniently, here you can also store the results of other tests: PCR test, for antibodies.
  1. Screenshot or PDF file… The vaccination certificate can be downloaded from the “Gosuslug” website in PDF format, or you can simply make a screenshot of it. Then you can simply upload the file for yourself to Telegram, add to favorites or put the picture on your smartphone’s desktop. However, this is not the most reliable way: a photo or PDF file can be easily lost.
  1. Apple Wallet… Option for iPhone owners. Residents of Moscow can add a certificate to Apple Wallet through mos.ru, and the rest through third-party programs (if you save it from Gosuslug, it can be covidwallet.ru).
  1. Google Pay… Analogue of Apple Wallet on Android devices. To transfer the QR code from the “State Services” to Google Pay, you will have to use Pass2pay. In it, you need to open a PDF file with a code, fill in the required fields and save everything to your phone.
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