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Ten mistakes that make you sleep badly

If you have begun to notice that you constantly feel sluggish or tired, then most likely the problem is in sleep. There are ten mistakes due to which your sleep will definitely not be of high quality. More details – in the material.

In the UK, according to research, 73.5 percent of those surveyed have difficulty falling asleep. Scientists also say that people sleep best at 24 years old. But there is an opportunity to improve sleep if you avoid the following mistakes.

  1. Lack of sleep . If you haven’t been getting enough sleep all week, it’s unlikely that a long nap on the weekend will allow you to recover. Research shows that if you skip one hour of sleep, your body needs as much as four hours of extra sleep to bounce back. Also, according to Dr. Deborah Lee, lack of sleep contributes to the development of dementia, cancer, diabetes and can lead to problems with the heart, pressure. With lack of sleep, a person becomes more irritable, his productivity decreases.
  1. Refusal of full sleep . If you do not sleep 7-9 hours a day, then this will lead to serious health problems in the future. Therefore, you need to try to eliminate the cause of lack of sleep.
  1. The desire to fall asleep when you do not want to sleep . According to Professor Kevin Morgan of Loughborough University, a person falls asleep best only when he really wants to sleep. At the same time, it is easy to confuse drowsiness with a lack of energy and fatigue. For example, an athlete after a marathon will be tired, but he will not want to sleep. To induce sleep, you can try reading a book, playing music, or running a meditation app.
  1. Drink alcohol as a sleeping pill . After drinking, you are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night. Also, alcoholic beverages can cause nightmares and wake you up without feeling refreshed.
  1. Refusal to comply with the sleep regimen . Professor Kevin Morgan emphasizes that human sleep is regulated by circadian rhythms. Therefore, it is important to go to bed and wake up at the same time.
  1. Anxiety about daily activities . Anxiety will only interfere with sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to calm down before going to bed.
  1. Day dream . During the day, it may be helpful to sleep only until two in the afternoon and only for 10 minutes.
  1. Lack or incorrect training schedule . To maintain healthy sleep, it really helps to get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, according to Dr. Lee. However, at the same time, training should not take place right before going to bed – at least a few hours before that. During exercise, the body temperature rises, and this only interferes with sleep, because during sleep the temperature just decreases.
  1. Procrastination at the expense of sleep . This happens to those who work late. Since they cannot rest in the evening due to work, they go to bed late. But this will only lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and worsen concentration during the daytime.
  1. Neglect of the bed . Experts advise buying a new mattress every six to eight years. Sometimes it makes sense to replace it if you feel that you are not sleeping well, and also if you feel mattress springs, constantly waking up with a feeling of stiffness and pain.

News items cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult with a specialist.

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