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Telegram is used by almost half of the population of Russia, while the messenger has become the main platform for moneylenders.

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According to the results of December 2023, the average reach of Telegram was already 47%, while in December 2022 it was only 39%, according to the data of Mediascope, to which RBK refers.

The average usage time of Telegram also increased by 5 minutes. In December 2022, this time constituted 37 minutes, while in December of the previous year it had already increased to 42 minutes.

WhatsApp remains the most popular messenger in Russia, with a daily reach of 67%, which is 20% more than Telegram. It also shows growth: average coverage in the fourth quarter of 2022 amounted to 61%.


At the same time, Telegram is the main platform for Internet trafficking in Russia, according to research by Angara Security. In 2023, the number of requests to purchase accounts, used for attacks in the name of authoritative figures, grew by 39%.

Moneylenders sent messages with requests to transfer money, warnings about calls from officials or requests to provide information. They operated in various sectors, such as government organizations, IT companies, VPC enterprises and retail networks.

According to Victoria Varlamova, senior brand protection expert at Angara Security, most often moneylenders send phishing links or ask to transfer money. «News» write that the fight with this phenomenon is quite complicated, since Telegram support does not always promptly block suspicious accounts.

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