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Teenage highs

The perfectly beautiful time in a person’s life time is teenage. Most of the enchanting things happens in this age with everybit of changing hormones. It is full of fun, fare & fantasy. But this is also age of most difficult time in one’s life. This is a transition period from childhood to adolescence. Hence lot of hormonal changes, mental transition, physical growth  & psychological laddering occur in this period. So one must be extremely careful to coup with the changing phase of body, mind & soul. Those guided strictly by their positive conscience, excel & the those who do not, step down & down mercilessly.

Everything blossoms in this age just like a high tide, but also fades away swiftly if not cared properly. The temptation of present age teenagers towards the alcohol, drugs, violence, fantasy, addictions & premature sex, are some of the burning examples of misuse of the strength, vigour, power & potential achieved in this age. India was spared from the high end infection of the western culture till quite some time. But with the changing time, our teens are more directed towards the negatives of the westerners but least  adoptors of their positive vives & virtues.

Western people are more disciplined, workoholic, responsible, accountable, task-oriented, out put-driven & trust worthy. Why can’t our teens learn these virtues from them? For heaven shake, dear teenagers! Think hundred times before wasting your teenage in vain. The teenage highs will take you to the point of maxima if used properly or it will let you down drastically if misused in no-good activities. Millions of teenagers worldwide go high & high with the toxic world & when the transition is over, they even lost their childhood, adolescence & youth as well.

Lot of changes take place in the very transition period of the teenage and hence if the teens do induldge in dangerous mix of drugs, alcohol & unnatural sexes, they end up with mental illness, depression & inferiority complex in later age, especially in Indian condition of social conscience society. We, as Indians are blessed with lot of bounty of spirtitualism, yoga & meditation. So without wasting our teenage in all the odds, we can control it by above methods & guide out body, mind & soul to frow effectly to nurture ourself and serve the society.

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