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technology | US approves world’s first vaccine for dwindling bee population | Navabharat (New India)

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New York: It was created to prevent deaths from American fullbrood disease, a disease known to weaken beehives by attacking bee larvae. According to the biotech firm, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved a conditional license for the vaccine this week. Bees play an important role in many aspects of the ecosystem. The vaccine could serve as a breakthrough in protecting bees, Annette Kleiser, CEO of Dalan Animal Health, said in a statement.

responsible for one-third of crop production

It works by introducing an inactive version of the bacteria into the royal jelly that is fed to the queen, to which the larvae then acquire immunity. According to the USDA, the US has seen an annual decrease in honey bee hives since 2006. The USDA states that many, sometimes overlapping, factors threaten bee health, including the occurrence of parasites, pests and disease. With this disease, worker bees leave the hive and leave the queen behind. According to the United Nations Ministry of Food and Agriculture, creatures such as bees, birds and bats are responsible for nearly a third of the world’s crop production.

to beekeepers because it is highly contagious

Tech companies use remote monitoring to help bees Agricultural pesticides kill more bees, study says American fullbrood disease is a challenge for beekeepers because it is highly contagious and has no cure. The only treatment method requires burning the hives, using this vaccine to infect bees, and treating surrounding hives with antibiotics. According to Dalan Animal Health, the new vaccine contains an inactivated version of the bacteria that causes American foulbrood disease, Paenibacillus larvae.

Will be available for purchase in the US this year

Thereby, the bacteria gets into the royal jelly feed given by worker bees to the queen bee, who then ingests it, according to the biotech firm, which specializes in insect health and immunology, feeds some of the vaccine into her ovaries and Keeps It says it provides immunity to bee larvae as they reduce death from disease. If we can prevent infection in our bodies, we can avoid costly treatments and focus our energy on other important elements of keeping our bees healthy. Dalan plans to distribute the vaccine to commercial beekeepers on a limited basis and said the product will likely be available for purchase in the US this year.


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