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Technology Trend 2022 Metaverse-Quantum-Crypto

Technology Trend 2022 Metaverse-Quantum-Crypto – The 2-year period of the COVID-19 pandemic directly affecting lifestyle behaviors, needs, direction and agility of technological developments in all areas. As a result, many things are changing rapidly. Here are some of the top technologies that will play a greater role in human lives around the world in 2022 or 2022, according to media estimates such as the Times of India. and IT Business Edge as well as Newsweek. as well as EdTech, Gadget 360 and HealthTech.

● Third Generation Internet (WEB 3.0)
If the first era of Internet technology is the advent of websites and blogs. This led to the growth of privately owned giants like Yahoo, eBay and Amazon. The next era of the Internet (WEB 2.0) would have to be the arrival of agile communication technologies like social media networks. career streamer and those content creators content creator through platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, etc.

“It is these platforms that make money by allowing the above users to access them,” said Benedict Evans, an independent silicon analyst. The US Valley describes WEB 3.0, or the Third Generation Internet. reflected from the nature of use that is fully connected and broad, that is, the user content creator and platform developers will participate in the determination format and direction of the content through voting and commenting, commenting, exchanging

The technology that will be the main engine for this behavior is blockchain, which is the principle that any program can run on a computer. Millions of devices around the world

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That is to say, WEB 3.0 is the era of the Internet without middlemen. and without centralization

● Cryptocurrency, unmiddled transactions.
Blockchain technology has made crypto-currency and NFTs (non-fungible token) more widespread. leading to the decentralization of financial power from the bank causing anxiety for financial institutions around the world

Analysts at the financial advisory institute Fabernovel see that cryptocurrencies will become more widespread and more used in everyday trading this year, starting with the local level.

Cryptocurrency relies on blockchain technology that has come into use by users’ computers around the world to run transaction systems in place of today’s financial institutions. The blockchain transaction data is encrypted. and no one has been able to penetrate. including high accuracy because they can verify and verify information from other customers at any time

NFTs are blockchain-based. come to protect The “unity” of the product is popular in art and works of high sentimental value. (because there is only one can not be replaced and cannot be counterfeited), resulting in the product These are shockingly high in value.

● AI developed Metaverse.
Who can call it “The Universe”, the concept of creating a virtual world as well. digital technology integration They can be used for work or social interactions together. Although this concept is used in various products It has been used for a long time, especially in online gaming and VR (Virtual Reality), as well as being used as the plot of many Japanese anime movies, such as Sword Art Online that sparked meta-world technology inspiration. (and genre)

Although no product has come close to that concept completely, it has made headlines from the mouth of Mark Zuckerberg. CEO of Meta (Former Facebook) stated that it will focus on developing technology. metaverse too Bringing VR technology together with Facebook

However, IT Business Edge sees the technologies that will be at the core of Metaverse’s development will be artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which will enable organizations to create a “virtuous environment”. Virtual environment to be used in conjunction with work produce more and allow employees to have their own time Stay at home more.

● AI and ML grow in the private sector.
AI and ML technologies will become more closely related, causing the private sector to turn to digital business as the main source of income.

IT Business Edge expects the annual growth rate (CAGR) of private entities using this technology to reach 33 percent by 2027, with individual NGOs sharing AI in their manufacturing sector. Not less than 35 percent within this year. Those who are involved in corporate strategy should be able to utilize the above technology as quickly as possible.

● Connect the work from home stream.
The outbreak of COVID-19 in the past two years has resulted in lifestyle behaviors. Specifically, work is more focused on working from home and working remotely. And it’s hard for everything to go back to how it was before.

The Times of India sees that in addition to the spread of 5G communication wave technology that will be more prevalent this year. There will be many smart products and various wireless products gradually coming out. to create convenience new human lifestyle that require spacing but still want the convenience and speed of adjustment

Combined with the growth of AI and ML, Internet of Things (IoT) technology will grow to another level this year.

● Ransomware Threats
Increasing human lifestyles in the digital world come with dangers such as computer viruses. and hacking And the scariest thing is ransomware. or ransom virus to unlock computer or victim information

Sonic Wall Company One of the digital security experts said there were 495 million ransomware attacks in 2021, and by 2022 the number of attacks is expected to hit record highs. As a result, various organizations both public and private As well as general users turn to focus on data security measures. and improve the behavior of their own use to be more careful until it becomes a habit

● The state takes control of the IT giants.
The financial sector where the IT industry is taking part And eroding the centralization of financial institutions with blockchain technology could be the last straw as governments around the world turn to new laws to regulate private IT giants. including the behavior of people using the digital world more this year

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Gadget 360 said these private technological advances were becoming a direct threat to state power. For example, the lawsuit between Facebook and the commission. Monitoring and antitrust of the United States is also included in the internal data of Facebook that was exposed by the former manager. until being notorious all over the world, etc.

● E-sports – education reform
The digital sports industry or e-sports that is growing and spreading around the world is predicted by EdTech’s experts are expected to be worth $1.8 billion or over 60 billion baht by 2022, and many countries will begin to improve their kindergarten to high school education curriculum to prepare young people with the skills to cope with the challenges of education. Arrival of the e-sports industry including the increasing trend of e-sports scholarships in higher education

● Quantum AI (QAI)
The ultimate development of AI will begin to be used in households this year. It is an AI that uses the principle of quantum computing, which is different from the current AI that is processed by conventional computer systems. This results in the ability to solve complex business problems. analyze data and forecasting patterns with incredible accuracy and speed.

It is the next evolution of today’s computers.

● The medical industry is nimble.
The pandemic of COVID-19 In addition to changing human behavior, it will result in continuous reform of the medical industry. resulting in research cooperation and easier synchronization including the research process that will be succinct More precisely with the help of AI. and supercomputers to meet the specific and urgent needs of public health of the international community Ignite from the development of a vaccine against COVID-19


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