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Technology! Now no tension of bad handwriting of doctors, anyone can read it

New Delhi: Google announces new feature: Google has announced many new features and products in its biggest event in India, Google for India 2022. Google said that the company will release a new feature soon. With this, doctors’ poor handwriting can now be read properly with the help of a smartphone. According to the company, it is working on a new technology that decodes doctors’ handwriting. It will be rolled out soon. Google has announced that it will soon bring Project Vani to this event.

What is the new feature of Google?
In fact, the company will be able to decode doctors’ poor handwriting with the help of Google Lens. That means you only have to take a photo of the note written by the doctor with your smartphone. He needs to be scanned. And Google Lens will display it clearly in front of users. Not only this, it can also be shared. So far, the company has not announced the rollout date for these features. Google also said that Indian users are the largest among the users of Google Lens.

A feature that will work like this
Google’s new feature will work like the Google Translate feature. In which any word can be translated into another language by capturing a photo and scanning it with the help of Google Lens. That is, the camera of the phone can be useful in translating the word. Google will also give users the option of live translate. You can read doctor’s bad handwriting by opening Google Lens in your smartphone.

Project Vani
Google plans to build an AI/ML model with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. For this the company has partnered with Indian Institute of Science. This project has been named ‘Project Vani’. Under this project different Indian regional languages ​​can be combined and transcribed. The company is going to open source sample store for languages ​​in 773 districts.

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