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Tech Cold War: Is the world now entering the cold war of technology, know how this will change the picture of the future?

The Industrial Revolution gave birth to many new ideologies. Had it not been for the Industrial Revolution, it would hardly have been possible for ideologies like communism and capitalism to take shape in the modern world. Many new discoveries were carried out only after the Industrial Revolution. It has played an important role in shaping the modern world of today. We are now entering the fourth industrial revolution. In this era, many countries are competing with each other in the race of data, artificial intelligence and quantum computing to conquer the 21st century. In view of this, an information war is going on between many big superpowers. They are making every effort to spy and grab each other’s technologies. In such a situation, experts say that now we have entered a technology cold war, where the fight is not with bombs and gunpowder but over data and intellectual property.

Recently, a few years ago, the US accused China of stealing its intellectual property. China has a very clever industrial policy. All the big companies from abroad set up their plants in China. It has to share its technology with China. This is a big reason, due to which many companies like Apple, Samsung etc. have to share their technology with them.
For this reason, China easily clones other companies’ smartphones, gadgets or any other things and sells them all over the world at cheap prices. Apart from this, allegations have also been made against China from time to time that it also takes advantage in trade by doing currency manipulation.
This was a big reason, due to which America started a trade war against China. He had imposed restrictions on goods coming from China to America on 4 major levels. After that America also banned the big Chinese company Huawei in the country. For your information, let us tell you that Huawei was about to set up a huge 5G setup in America. Due to the ban, this project of his got completely tarnished.
The US made a big allegation on Huawei, saying that this company steals personal data. She transmits this stolen data to the Chinese army. Due to this, in the coming future, there may be a big threat to our security. For this reason America banned Huawei. Along with this, ZTE, which is a very big telecommunication company of China, was also banned by the US in its country.
Following the path of America, Britain and Australia also banned Huawei in their countries. Apart from this, America has also been accusing China from time to time that China does its industrial espionage.
No specific decision has been taken regarding the ban on Huawei company in India yet. Airtel, Vodafone Idea (VI), which are big telecom industries in the country, buy their equipment in bulk from Huawei. In the coming time, 5G is going to enter the country. In such a situation, Jio is the only company that makes 5G equipment by itself. On the other hand, the situation of Vodafone, Airtel and Idea is not good. 
Whatever happened in Galvan Valley, the relations between India and China have deteriorated a lot. In such a situation, there have been speculations from time to time that the Indian government may ban Huawei in future. If Huawei is banned in India, then there is a possibility that Jio’s monopoly may come in the country’s telecom industry, which will not be right in any way. 
A few years ago, India had banned many applications from China, in which Tiktok, UC Browser, Shareit were prominent. There is no transparency in China. For this reason, he has been accused many times that all his apps work for the People’s Liberation Army of China. These apps share personal data of users around the world with them.


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