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Team Group positions new memory cards as removable media for medical devices

Team Group unveiled eHealth industrial memory cards and announced collaborations with strategic partners across a range of industries to accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare systems.

According to Team Group, the pandemic has accelerated the development of e-health. It is expected to be in the spotlight in the next decade. Following the trends and aiming to draw attention to the needs of the e-health industry, Team Group offers industrial memory cards with low power consumption and high recording reliability. These memory cards support 14 consecutive days of data recording, ensuring that all ECG recordings are saved.

The D900, D700, and D500 series industrial memory cards use SLC, MLC, and TLC flash memory, respectively. The D700 series, in particular, includes microSD memory cards from 8 to 128 GB, for which the declared current consumption is <0.15 mA (maximum - 0.5 mA). They, according to the manufacturer, are designed for e-health applications. They can be used with ECG recorders for continuous long-term monitoring and recording, increasing the chances of detecting dangerous symptoms. The new memory cards could also help track physical activity to identify potential cardiovascular risks. They provide read speeds up to 85MB/s and write speeds up to 35MB/s. The number of rewriting cycles is 3,000. The degree of protection of the cards is IP68.

This is not the first time that manufacturers of removable media are trying to play on the increased attention to a particular category of electronic devices. For example, PNY once produced memory cards specifically for netbooks.


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