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Tea Seller Accepts Crypto: This Tea Seller In Bangalore Takes Payment In Crypto!

Tea Seller Accepts Crypto: Cryptocurrency in India may not have been recognized by the government. But there is a person running a tea stall in Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, who accepts crypto as payment from those who drink tea at his stall. At this tea stall, people who want and invest in cryptocurrencies come and drink tea with great passion. We are talking about 22 year old Shubham Saini who runs this tea stall by the name of The Frustrated Drop Out.

According to the Indian Express, tea drinkers at Shubham Saini’s tea stall offered themselves to pay in crypto. At first, Shubhan was surprised, later he put a placard on the tea stall, in which dollar and rupee rates are written. Any customer who wants to pay in crypto has to scan the QR code similar to UPI, after converting rupee to dollar, pay in crypto form.

According to Shubham Saini, after the inclusion of bitcoin, his business has increased. Every week 20 new customers come to the tea stall who pay in the form of crypto. Shubham also tells his story of touching the sky from the ground after trading in bitcoin and then falling on the ground.

Shubhav Saini came to Bangalore in search of a job from Rewari, Haryana. Coming here, he learned about crypto trading. During the Corona epidemic in 2020, when there was a big drop in the market, Shubhan invested all his pocket money in crypto. His investment of 1.5 lakh became Rs 30 lakh. Shubham became self-sufficient from this and paid the college fees himself and started living a good life. He also left the final year of BCA to do full-time trading in crypto. He told that he started feeling that he was the next Rakesh Jhunjhunwala of the crypto world.

But in 2021, there was a huge fall in the crypto market. And 90 percent of the capital in Shubham’s crypto portfolio was sunk. And again he came back to where he had started. Shubham had to sell his iPhone. He did not take money from his family members. After this, a tea stall was opened in Marathahalli and Krypto again changed Shubham’s life.

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