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TCL launched the cheapest fridge with 555L, will freeze ice in minutes, will keep food safe for a long time

TCL has launched the TCL Q10 Grid Refrigerator which is equipped with 555L capacity and 3 refrigeration systems. The company is also providing extended support for its compressor for up to 10 years to the machine. It is the largest three-system refrigerator in the industry and offers a wide range of variable temperatures.

The TCL Q10 Grid refrigerator has 3 evaporters and 3 independent refrigeration systems. Its surface material is made from a blue inkstone slate panel with a high quality texture. It has a cross-door design. In its front, a touch screen is given at the top. The new TCL refrigerator supports human body sensing. As soon as someone comes close to the machine, the light automatically turns on.

The thickness of this refrigerator is 58 cm. Its embedded installation is carried out. It can be integrated into the cabinet. There is a 2 cm heat dissipation unit at the bottom while the refrigerator door can be opened at 90 degrees. With its multiple refrigeration systems, you can set the machine to freeze up to 370 liters or refrigerate up to 395 liters of stuff. You can also choose other combinations of refrigerating and freezing as per your choice.

TCL Molecular Preservation and GP+ Photoelectric Ultra-Clean Technology provide preservation and sterilization of ingredients in the refrigerator. Molecular Preservation Technology helps preserve fresh vegetables and other foods for double the duration providing longer freshness.

TCL Q10 Grid Refrigerator Price
Talking about the price, TCL Q10 Grid Refrigerator can be purchased from retail platforms like JD.com for 5,999 Yuan i.e. Rs 68,936 in Indian currency. The company is providing a 5-year warranty with the TCL Q10. At the same time, the compressor can be repaired for free for 10 years.

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