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Tata Sumo started again after 12 years, know how this miracle happened

Who does not know Tata Sumo. It has been one of the best Tata cars of all time and was once one of the most successful cars in the country. Tata Motors introduced the Sumo in the Indian market in 1994.

Soon after its launch, it became a popular car among Indians. Because of this, Sumo started appearing in every nook and corner of the country. This car was liked not only by the common people but also by the politicians and the police.

Still in many places you will see Tata Sumo being used in police or hospital. But like any other successful car, the competition in its segment kept increasing and it could not be updated, due to which the company discontinued it.

Earlier Tata Sumo which was seen everywhere is now rarely seen anywhere. Many people are now busy in restoring the old Sumo while some people are busy in starting the old model.


Tata Sumo started again after 12 years


A youth tried to jump start a 12 year old Tata Sumo. But did this rusty car start again? A young man from Kerala tried to start the sumo car lying like this for 12 years.

You can see how old the car looks and it is in very poor condition. Looking at the condition of the car, it does not seem that it can ever be started. But the youth’s attempt to start this car has been successful.

Yes! After many efforts, the hard work of the youth paid off and the Tata Sumo, which was lying for 12 years, was started. Although he had to work hard for this, he did not change much. Only the battery of this car was changed.

He had to change the battery of this Tata Sumo because the life of the old battery was over. Along with this, he also poured water in the radiator. Along with this the oil was also checked. Engine oil was not filled in it because there was shortage of oil.

After this, the old diesel left in the vehicle was drained and then the new diesel was poured. This diesel poured straight from the can. The car started after several hours of work to remove blockages from the fuel pumps.


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