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Tata Salt Price Hike Ahead: Tata salt is going to be expensive, know what is the big reason

Tata Salt Price Hike Ahead: Now there is going to be another blow of inflation because the salt used in your kitchen several times a day is going to be expensive. The price of the country’s salt-Tata salt i.e. Tata Salt is now going to increase. There have been indications from Tata Consumer Products, a company that makes Tata salt, that the prices of Tata Salt are going to increase soon.

Why there was a possibility of increase in the price of Tata Salt
It is not yet known how much the prices of Tata salt are going to increase, but at present the price of one kg of salt packet is at Rs 28. The information about when the prices will be increased has not been revealed yet, but the news can come soon. In a conversation with a business news channel, the company’s MD and CEO Sunil D’Souza has informed that Tata Consumer Products will have to increase the price of Tata Salt due to some reasons.

Why is the price of Tata salt going to increase?
According to Tata Consumer Products Company, a big impact of inflation is coming on the margins of Tata Salt and they have come down significantly. It is no longer possible for the company to produce Tata Salt at such a low margin. Therefore, the idea of ​​increasing the prices of Tata salt is going on. Increased prices can be announced soon. Sunil D’Souza had told that to correct the margin, the company will have to increase the price of salt. The cost of salt is fixed on the basis of two components brine and energy and the fuel cost in the country has increased significantly, due to which salt margins are under pressure.

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