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Tata Punch’s charm will continue, after electric, now facelift version will come

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Tata Punch SUVImage Credit source: Tata Motors

Recently Tata Motors has launched the electric version of Punch ‘Punch EV’. This will further strengthen Tata’s dominance in the electric car market. Now going one step ahead, the Indian auto brand is preparing to introduce a new SUV. This SUV will be none other than Tata Punch Facelift. The car company will update the Punch SUV and launch it in the Indian market. Let’s see when the Punch facelift can be launched.

Tata has planned to update the design and features of the Punch SUV. According to media reports, the facelift of Tata Punch can be launched next year. Tata Punch was launched in October 2021. Usually, a facelift version of a car is introduced every three years. In such a situation, there is a possibility that in 2025 punch facelift Will be in front of us.

Design like new facelift models

Tata Motors has also recently launched the facelift version of Nexon and Harrier. The design update of the new Punch may also be like the facelift of Nexon and Harrier. Apart from the front bumper and grille, changes are expected in the headlamps and bonnet, so that this small SUV looks new.

Difference between Punch EV-Petrol version

The new incarnation of Punch may be styled like the Nexon and Nexon EV facelift. The company can do this to show the difference between petrol and electric versions. If this happens, then the existing Punch EV and Punch facelift may differ in terms of design etc. There will also be a difference in the features of petrol and electric punch.

Engine in Punch Facelift

The current Tata Punch comes with the power of 1.2 liter petrol engine. For power transmission, 5 speed manual or AMT gearbox is provided. Apart from this, this car also comes in CNG option. The same engine options can be retained in the facelift version of Punch also. Tata Punch has received 5 star safety rating in car crash test. It is included among the safest SUV cars of India.

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