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Talking on phone while riding a bike is dangerous, Bluetooth helmet will do the work of phone

Bluetooth helmet will work as a phone while riding a bike

With the fog these days, going out on the roads with a vehicle is not without danger. In such a situation, if you travel by bike every day and also use the phone, then be careful. Actually, visibility in fog is negligible and if you take a phone call while riding a bike, it can lead to an accident. To avoid this, we will tell you about some Bluetooth helmets by wearing which you can answer emergency calls.

helmets with bluetooth

These helmets prove beneficial for you. By wearing these helmets you can attend emergency calls on a moving bike. This means that you will not have to take the risk of taking out the phone from your pocket in fog. Here we will tell you some helmet options which you are getting at discount on e-commerce platforms.

AUTO SNAP Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth

You are getting convenience with this helmet. Wireless earphones are available in it through which you will be able to attend calls. Comes with sun protection and noise reduction features. The original price of this helmet is Rs 5,999 but you are getting it from Amazon with 33 percent discount for only Rs 3,999.

ATORAY Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Dual Earphone

If you want, you can connect these wireless earphones to your old helmet only. It also offers you the facility of Bluetooth calling, mic and listening to music. Although this setup costs Rs 3,499, but you can buy it from Amazon with 51 percent discount for only Rs 1,699.

HEADFOX Smart Bluetooth N2 Voice Asst

Comes with features like voice assistant, waterproof, calls and GPS. This helmet can be useful for both boys and girls. Its original price is Rs 8,499 but you can buy it from Flipkart for only Rs 3,599.

Note: Avoid using the phone while driving a car, bike or any vehicle. Do not use the phone unless there is an emergency.


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