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Talk to me, robot! In Russia, AI has been developed that will allow you to communicate with a car and a refrigerator

The Promobot company from Perm announced the development of a new product Promobot Nested Chat. It is a versatile conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform powered by machine learning technologies. This technology is claimed to improve user experience.

Moreover, such a system can be built into any device that is equipped with a microphone and speakers. In fact, this allows you to make “talking” cars, refrigerators, home appliances and much more. The system understands spoken language, printed text and gestures.

We have been actively studying human-machine interaction since 2015, constantly improving the tools for communication between a robot and a human. In the course of work, we began to receive more and more requests from banks, large retailers, government organizations and small businesses to use our developments in their products and services.“, – said Oleg Kivokurtsev, development director of the Promobot company.

In addition, the system will find application on highly loaded sites. AI is able to understand the context of requests and can help customers of online stores and online services by communicating with them in natural language. The system has a set of scripts for building a dialogue and allows you to automate communications on sites and services.

The conversational platform understands text and spoken language, extracting relevant information and providing a native response. In the course of work, the solution determines the topic of the appeal, basic and supplementary queries, asks clarifying questions and processes unrecognized ones. It is possible to use both pre-configured templates and create individual solutions”, – explained in “Promobot”.

The company said that its specialists have been developing dialogue systems since 2015. They are used in various tasks, and the team thought about integrating the solution into smart speakers, instant messengers, and CRM systems, and so on. And at the moment, Oleg Kivokurtsev, a robot assistant is already ready, which is planned to be used in the systems of telecom operators and banks.

Previously “Promobot” showed robot Dunyasha.

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