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Talk about work! You can run Gmail without internet, you can easily send e-mails offline


You can use Gmail even without internet, for this some features have been given.
By ‘Enabling Offline Mail’ you can not only check mail, but also send mail.
With the help of Save Change, you can use Gmail for a certain amount of time without internet.

New Delhi. If someone tells you that Gmail will run without internet, then many people may not believe it, but it is 100 percent true. This will come in very handy when you get stuck in a place where the internet is not working. When there is an urgent need to email in such a place, then using this trick of ours, you can easily use Gmail without internet.

In this age of technology, Gmail has properly understood the importance of email. That’s why Gmail has made Gmail Offline. With its help, not only email can be done without internet, but email can also be read and search can also be done. So let’s understand how it is possible…

This is how you can use Gmail offline
To use Gmail Offline, first you have to open Google Chrome. If this feature does not work in Incognito mode, then do not try to do it there.

Now you have to go to the settings of Gmail Offline (You can also use the link https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/offline.

By doing this a new window will open, in which you get the option of ‘Enable Offline Mail’. Click on it.

Here the user can also customize the settings in his own way. Here you will get the facility to do mails for a fixed time, so that you can use Gmail on offline mode without internet in those days.

The last step of this process is – Save Changes. After going last, the Gmail offline feature will be activated and you will also be able to use email without internet for a certain amount of time.

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