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Talk about work! Best Way to Check WiFi and Internet Speed ​​on Google


Work is affected due to the slow speed of WiFi. Its speed can be increased.
There are many apps on Google, thanks to which you can check and increase the speed.
Internet speed depends on how far the router is from the laptop.

New Delhi. There was a time when the office was full of employees, but with the advent of the pandemic Kovid-19, the culture of work from home has increased. Due to work from home, it has become a compulsion for everyone to have internet connection at home. However, despite spending thousands to get broadband installed at home, there is often a complaint that the internet is not working properly.

It takes a long time to download even short videos, while the internet provider denies the complaint that the internet speed is coming right. In such a situation, people are not able to answer it and are forced to work at the same speed, while the Internet provider company has done all the tempting things before setting up the connection. In such a situation, we will tell you how you can test internet speed.

Let’s know how you can find out about internet speed
First of all it has to be understood that internet speed comes in Mbps. The higher it is, the better the internet will work in mobile or laptop. This test will be completed in just 30 seconds. For this test, you are required to share your IP address with M-Lab.
– Go to the Google page on your browser. Search here by writing internet speed test.
On searching, a window will open, on which it will be written Run Speed ​​Test. You click on this.
As soon as you click, a pop-up page will open with the speedometer. It will tell the reading of download speed and upload speed in no time.

this is also special
It is important to make a point here that internet speed also depends on how far the router is from your laptop or mobile. If it is close then it is obvious that the internet speed will be good.

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