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Take screenshot in computer easily without the help of external software, know how


Sometimes there is a need to take screenshot from video in computer.
There is no need to install external software to take screenshots.
There are many such software in the computer with the help of which screenshots can be taken.

New Delhi. Many times we are watching a video on the phone or computer and suddenly feel like capturing some part of that video. When some part of that video is captured in the phone, it is called screenshot. Sometimes screenshots are also needed to save work related things. In the same way, screenshots can be taken in the computer as well. There is no need to click a photo from the phone to take a screenshot.

Taking a screenshot in a computer is quite easy and there are many ways to take screenshots. It does not require any kind of software. So let’s know in what ways a screenshot can be taken in a laptop.

How to take Screenshot from Print Screen
If you want to capture a screenshot from a video, pause that video and press the ‘Print Screen’ button once. After this, paste it in software such as Paint, MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint. To paste, you have to press ‘CTRL + V’. After that save that file.

Keep in mind that if you press the Print Screen button again without saving the previously captured screenshot, the previously captured screenshot gets deleted. In many laptops, the print screen shot is written in the form ‘prt sc’. And resides in the first line of the keyboard.

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How to save multiple screenshots at once
Sometimes there is a need to take a lot of screenshots. In such a situation, a lot of time is wasted in saving one file. In such a situation, if you want to save the screenshot automatically, then press the ‘Windows + Print Screen’ button while taking the screenshot. This will save the screenshot in the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

How To Take Screenshot With Snipping Tool
A software named snipping tool is pre-installed in laptops and computers to take screenshots. With its help, any part of the file or video can be captured easily. For this, first search for snipping tool in the search bar. To take a screenshot, click on New and with the help of the mouse, select the part whose screenshot you want to take. Then save that file in the system.


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