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Taiwan’s green energy supply will exceed demand by 78% in 2025

The Ministry of Economy of Taiwan (MOEA) has published a forecast according to which the total supply of “green” energy on the island in 2025 will reach 24.8 billion kWh, and in 2030 – 39.1 billion kWh. The first indicator is 78.4% more than the estimated demand of 13.9 billion kWh in 2025, the second is 90.7% more than the estimated demand of 20.5 billion kWh in 2030. The estimate of the total proposal is based on taking into account the capacity of photovoltaic and wind power plants, which will be available by the specified dates.

Moreover, the assessment excludes the offshore wind farms, the construction program for which will begin in 2022. Taking into account the total installed capacity of such additional offshore wind farms, the total green energy supply in 2030 will increase to 61.6 billion kWh.

The demand for green energy in Taiwan is growing rapidly. To stimulate the transition to it, the Ministry of Economy will “dock” electricity producers with its large consumers, making sure that the price per kWh does not exceed $ 0.16.

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