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Taiwan on Israel’s path! New air defense system ‘Land Sword 2’ tested, will make China sweat

Land Sword 2: Taiwan has successfully tested its new indigenous air defense system Land Sword 2, so that China’s plans can be thwarted.

Taiwan, despite being a small country in Asia, surpasses larger nations in technological advancements. However, its neighbor China claims Taiwan as its territory and asserts that it will eventually be reunited with the mainland. In response, Taiwan has taken cues from Israel and sought to bolster its defenses, particularly its air defense systems. Recently, Taiwan successfully conducted tests on its new indigenous air defense system, the Land Sword 2, aimed at countering China’s ambitions.

What is the Land Sword 2 System? The Land Sword 2, also known as Sky Sword 2, is a surface-to-air missile system similar to Israel’s Iron Dome. With this system, Taiwan can neutralize enemy missiles within a range of 15 kilometers. Operating on a 360-degree basis, the system can detect and destroy enemy threats effectively. Developed by the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology.

How Does the Land Sword 2 System Work? The Sky Sword system comprises an engagement control vehicle, a CSIST-I radar system, a launch vehicle, and an ammunition vehicle. Capable of targeting enemy missiles within a 15-kilometer range, this defense system can detect fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft, drones, and cruise missiles. According to reports from the Taipei Times, the Land Sword 2 system can be integrated with the Stinger Man portable air defense system and the Avengers air defense system, further enhancing Taiwan’s air defense capabilities. Initially scheduled for testing on April 9, the Land Sword 2 test was postponed due to inclement weather and was successfully conducted on April 15, during which the system effectively neutralized all designated targets.


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