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Syringes may become scarce due to COVID-19 pandemic

So, this year, more than 6.8 billion coronavirus vaccines were made. According to the senior adviser to the WHO, Lisa Hedman, this number corresponds to the number of syringes sold – 6 billion pieces per year. She also said that manufacturers around the world need to think about increasing the production of disposable syringes. If the situation remains the same, there will be a shortage of syringes worldwide in 2022, up to two billion.

Vaccination against COVID-19 is not a situation in which we can afford to admit a shortage of something or use any workarounds. The safety of patients and medical personnel is important ”Hedman warned.

The WHO believes that the shortage of syringes will turn into dangerous consequences – the delay in vaccination of children, as well as the reuse of syringes by poor countries.

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