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SYM PE 3 hybrid concept scooter, Discover the SYM PE 3: A Game-Changing Hybrid Scooter for Urban Mobility”

The SYM PE 3 is powered by an electric motor. However, the small gasoline engine only kicks in when the battery drops below 60 volts.

Taiwanese EV manufacturer SYM is currently developing the SYM PE 3 concept, a hybrid scooter aimed at extending the range of the electric two-wheeler. The SYM PE 3 is primarily powered by an electric motor, with the small engine activating only when the battery level falls below 60 volts. This engine doesn’t directly drive the wheels but functions as a generator, drawing power from the battery to keep the electric motor running.

This setup offers the advantages of both electric power for short trips and a gasoline engine for longer rides, making it ideal for urban commuters who occasionally need to travel longer distances.

The Concept PE 3 from SYM is likely to appeal to college students, commuters, and professionals seeking a convenient and affordable mode of transport. Its sleek and modern design, coupled with advanced technology features, enhances its appeal. However, pricing details have not yet been disclosed. SYM’s track record suggests that the brand can introduce this concept at an affordable price point.

The PE3 concept is fully electric-powered, featuring an aluminum-ion battery that can be charged via the combustion engine or a charging socket. It relies entirely on an electric motor, with the addition of a compact, high-efficiency generator alongside the petrol-based engine.

The fully charged aluminum-ion battery enables emission-free riding. When the intelligent energy management system detects low battery power or heavy loads, it activates the engine to generate power for the electric motor while simultaneously charging the battery. The petrol engine in the PE3 concept is replaced by SYM’s ZRSG, which lacks a starter motor but provides power when activated.

The cutting-edge aluminum-ion battery technology was developed by Aph ePower, based in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan. Aph ePower will be the first company to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries, offering advanced features such as eco-friendly recycled materials, a long lifespan, a wide working temperature range, fast charging and discharging rates, and safer and more stable chemical characteristics.


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