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Swiggy received over 3.5 lakh orders for this dish on New Year’s Eve!

While celebrating the New Year, people also enjoyed eating a lot. The food delivery platform has released the data of food delivered on New Year’s Eve, which tells which dishes people ordered the most on the first night to welcome 2023. It states that Swiggy delivered 3.5 lakh biryani orders on New Year’s Eve. The maximum number of orders came for Biryani in India. This figure has been told till 10.25 pm on Saturday night. That is, more Biryani was eaten on New Year Eve than the order of 3.5 lakhs.

Apart from Biryani, there were many other items that people ordered in large numbers from Swiggy. In this, 61 thousand orders are said to have been received for pizza. Our associate website quoted PTI as saying that Swiggy had also run a poll on its Twitter for this. In this, 75.4 percent orders were received for Hyderabadi Biryani. After that, the highest number of orders came for Lucknowi Biryani and for Kolkata the figure stood at 10.4 per cent. Out of 3.5 lakh, 1.65 lakh orders for Biryani were received by the company by 7.20 pm only.

Here a shocking figure is revealed even more. Bawarchi, the top Biryani-making restaurant in Hyderabad, made 15000 kilos of Biryani to meet the demand of the people on New Year’s Eve.

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Biryani remained in top demand on New Year Eve. Apart from this, 1.76 lakh chips packets were also delivered, which is the figure till 7 pm. The order also delivered 2,757 packets of Durex condoms. Here the interesting thing also came out that on New Year’s Eve in India, people also ordered Khichdi in large quantities. The company had received 12,344 orders for Khichdi.


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