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Suzuki Access scooter has been modified and made an emergency vehicle, where even the fire engine does not reach, it will save lives!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! A person from Madhya Pradesh has proved this saying to be true again. Large rescue vehicles such as fire engines are sometimes not able to reach in case of fire or other emergency situations. Sometimes the situation is such that only a pedestrian or a small vehicle can reach the accident site. In such situations, even when resources are available, lives are at stake. This problem has been solved by a person from Madhya Pradesh.

A person named Gaurav Malpani of Madhya Pradesh has done such an experiment with the scooter, knowing that you will also be stunned. Times of India Report According to reports, this man converted a Suzuki Access scooter into an emergency response vehicle. Made it a vehicle where fire engines or other rescue vehicles cannot reach. Gaurav Malpani belongs to Ujjain and runs his electrical goods business there. People also know him for such strange inventions.

Gaurav Malpani in his Suzuki Access Scooter Modified in such a way that it can be used in 75 types of emergency. It is fitted with a fire extinguisher. It also has an electric pump for the water hose. A DC current power point has also been provided so that in case of emergency the bulbs can be lit, devices can be charged. Apart from this, this vehicle can be used in other circumstances. For example, a fan has been attached to a water bottle. Due to this many times when a person is nervous in an emergency, it can also provide relief.

Gaurav has made many innovative inventions even before this. Corona In the past, he also made an automatic hand sanitizer. It had a dispenser based on an AC compressor. After that, Gaurav’s aim was to create a vehicle that could solve the everyday problems faced by rescuers. Gaurav has also done this feat by turning his scooter into an emergency vehicle.


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